Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Welcome to my new follower

I am pleased to welcome a new follower 
Hello Terefe.
On her blog you will find many great sewn underwear,
clothes, shoes and many
  beautiful crocheted and knitted doll clothes.

I feel very honored to have so many followers in such a short time.
Thank you so much.

I rummaged in every blog already, but I want to tell all other readers something of you.

Today I will introduce my first follower

Malu and her mother, Maria Luisa, have a common hobby, the dolls house. 
On her blog you will find many knitted and crocheted crafts. 
The scenes are often in shabby look. I love shabby chic!
Just have a look at her blog.

Have a nice day

Your Craftland 

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