Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Erdbeerzeit / Now is strawberry time

Ich liebe Erdbeeren und könnte jeden Tag welche essen.
Deshalb habe ich mir aus Fimo einen Erdbeeranhänger für eine Kette gemacht.
Die Beere ist ca. 4 cm hoch.

Guten Appetit! 

I love strawberries and could eat some every day .
I made ​​a strawberry from fimo for a chain. The berry is about 1,5 inches high.

Bon appetit!  

 ; D 


2 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

Great work, looks nice!

It's nice of you to participate in my giveaway, but I can not see you among the followers.
You can probably the rules to be a follower to participate in the drawing. I had trouble with bloger/followers a few days, thats probably why I can`t see you?

Unknown hat gesagt…

Read your comment. Now I can see your picture. I don`t now what to do with the problem. But wait a couple of day, maybe it will be ok. I had a lot of problems a couple of days, but now it`s fine. You can try to search on "Blogger Help" to see if you find anything about it there.


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